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Brekell Oskar's
Bilingual Japanese tea book

An introductory book on Japanese tea where you can learn a wide range of things from the production area and varieties to how to brew it in Japanese and English.

〈Attractiveness of Japanese tea introduced by a blue-eyed Japanese tea evangelist〉〈The world of Japanese tea fascinated by a blue-eyed Japanese tea evangelist〉 Currently, registration of “Japanese tea, Uji tea” as a World Cultural Heritage The activities aimed at have been carried out, and interest in Japanese tea is growing again, albeit little by little.・・・

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About the Japanese tea that I fell in love with
Blue-eyed Japanese tea evangelist Oscar

A book depicting the story of a Swede who fell in love with Japanese tea.

Tea = PET bottle tea? Oscar, a young man from Northern Europe who was fascinated by Japanese tea, talks about the diverse world of Japanese tea as more and more people are moving away from teapots. Single-origin, fragrance-based, umami-based, etc. It's a waste not to know! The story of evolving Japanese tea.

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Know from scratch! How to enjoy Japanese tea

understand from zero
How to enjoy Japanese tea

A book that introduces various ways to enjoy Japanese tea in an easy-to-understand manner with many photos.

A notable Japanese tea instructor reveals all the best ways to enjoy it. Starting with how to hold and pour the teapot, how to make gyokuro,
You can learn the basics of how to brew different tea leaves such as kabusecha, sencha, kukicha, and bancha with easy visuals.

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Rediscovering the deliciousness of fascinating Japanese tea (NHK Marutoku Magazine)

Rediscover deliciousness!
Enchanting Japanese tea

A book focusing on brewing methods published in conjunction with the broadcast of NHK E-tele "Marutoku Magazine"

"Recently, more and more households don't have teapots? Even though it's such a delicious drink..." A teacher from Sweden, who fell in love with Japanese tea, explained how to brew, enjoy, and enjoy various types of Japanese tea, such as sencha, local bancha, and gyokuro. are widely taught in an easy-to-understand manner.